The US Department of Health and Human Services say that 1 in 10 women of child bearing age have PCOS and endure a hormonal imbalance and metabolism problems that change their overall health and appearance.

Aug 21, 2019


3 Ways to Make Your Clients Run Faster

Stretching back to the dawn of homosapiens, running has been a way of life. Nowadays the most simple way to get fit is to put on your trainers and go run outside! Since running is so cheap and easy, we have outlined three unique ways that you can help your clients run faster, for longer, with less injuries that won't cost them "an arm and a leg".

Aug 20, 2019

Understanding Stress for You and Your Client

How many times have simply laid eyes on somebody and instantly known that they are stressed. Often times people arrive to exercise in an effort to destress and loosen up a little bit, but did you know that compounding stressful exercise on top of a chronically stressed person can have the opposite result and make them feel worse?

Aug 19, 2019

Barefoot Strong Floor To Core

Join Dr Emily Splichal in better understanding foot anatomy, biomechanics, the fascial connection between your client's feet to the muscles of their pelvic floor and core and how to properly target, strengthen and release the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles for proper function and pain reduction.

Aug 18, 2019

What Exactly is Human Ecology?

Since modern humans spend most of the day sitting in chairs, our joints have long since forgotten what it's like to comfortably crouch, kneel, squat and sit with our legs straight out in front of us. Kris and Pav Rai introduce the concept of ancestral movement and human ecology.

May 21, 2019

Menopause Explained

What is menopause, and how does it affect woman bodies, their health and wellbeing.

Nov 01, 2018

Why learn Anatomy?

For me anatomy was always something that I wanted to understand, “how did my body work?”,

Oct 01, 2018

Adaptation, what is it?

While very different events in their nature, will provoke the exact same general response from the body: a primal alarm system produced by the Central Nervous System that is there to tell you that something significant and potentially dangerous is happening and you’re going to need to deal with it.

Sep 01, 2018

Why learn about pathology

Being a Clinical Aromatherapist / Principal Tutor for 20 years now and accredited with The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, England.

Aug 01, 2018