Top 5 Starter-Tips for Weight Loss!

1) Exercise in The Morning

Often people who exercise in the morning report feeling better with more energy and perform better at work throughout the day. After exercise our bodies release feel good hormones called “endorphins” which serve to mentally reward the body for it’s effort. 

These endorphins can change our perspective on daily stresses and enable us make better more balanced decisions. 

This can have huge implications on performance and mood in the workplace. 

When you start your day with an exercise session long or short, it motivates you to make better food choices throughout the day.

So as soon as swing your feet on the floor when the alarm goes off grab your exercise kit and get going to set yourself for a fantastic day!

2) For Weight Loss Train Interval-Method Rather than Steady State Cardio

Using a car analogy, imagine you put your car in cruise control and aim to use a quarter of tank of fuel. It might take an hour, it might an hour and a half but eventually car get there, the engine will be hot but nothing too stressful and the car burned it relatively economically. 

Now imagine you pressed the pedal to the floor and the needle rose high briefly and the car accelerated. 

When it gets towards the red you lift off and allowed the car coast on it’s momentum for 45 seconds before repeating it again and pushing the pedal to the floor again.

This second way burns much more of the car’s engine fuel, (how much more is very difficult to say), which is exactly what we want when trying to burn fat. 

Not only will this method burn more fuel in less time, it will continue to burn energy as we recover throughout the day than steady state cardio. 

That’s the effect of what is called H.I.I.T – High Intensity Interval Training.

Each person’s red zone is different, what’s important is that you find a programme that has options to make exercises easier and more difficult when starting out.

Everybody's needs and fitness levels are different, so starting out start with something that initially pushes you gently into your own red zone, whatever intensity that is.

3) Lifting Weights or Using Resistance is Crucial When Losing Weight

Increasing the amount of muscle tissue on our body increases the amount of calories burned throughout the day, it improves the storage of sugar inside the muscle and reduces the conversion of excess sugar to be stored as fat. 

Lean muscles store more sugar than untrained muscles. 

Imagine a small-engine car burning fuel at a traffic light compared to a big-engine car beside it. 

The larger engine will be burning more fuel simple just sitting there waiting to move (substitute petrol for calories). 

Now imagine when the two cars drive, the larger engine is going to burn EVEN MORE fuel as it drives compared the economical small engine car.  

This is the effect of having leaner more conditioned muscles compared to unconditioned muscles.

Now we're not talking about body builder sized muscles, that's not necessary.

Simply adding resistance training exercises to your programme will begin to build that lean slimline muscle gradually over many many months and years.  

Choosing what are called compound exercises gives you much more bang for your buck and works many many muscles at once in the shortest time available. Body weight movements like squats, lunges, glute bridges, push ups and core stability are great exercises to start with when thinking about increasing lean muscle.

4) Lifting Weights Will NOT Turn Females into Body Builders

Using resistance to push the body is crucial to the body improving and flourishing. 

A common misconception amongst people is that if they lift weights they will get bulky. 

For people to get bulky they must have a huge amount of testosterone in their system, more so than normal natural amounts. 

For women in particular they have nearly 20 times less testosterone compared to men, so as we are genetically designed, it is next to impossible for females to build anywhere near as much muscle mass as males.

With that said, the best kind of weight loss programme is one that combines resistance exercises with cardiovascular fitness training.

So don't be afraid of lifting weights, find a programme you trust and you enjoy. Once you have a few weeks completed, you will feel the strength in your legs improve, you will feel your core stronger and more stable. Once you begin to feel the benefits of being strong and empowered, you will never look at a set of weights with uncertainty again.

Follow this link below to see what The Mayo clinic highlights in relation to testosterone levels in males and females, link includes comparisons .

5) Protein is Important After Any Exercise Session

During exercise sessions the body uses respective muscles to carry out the work required. 

The more we do, the more the muscles use energy.

During our exercise and gym sessions this is a necessary function for the body to develop. 

It is this breakdown and fatigue that enables the body improve because in the time after our workouts, the body fixes it's micro-damaged structures & energy stores with protein. 

Generally speaking, once our appetite when we've finished exercising, the more protein we can ingest in the 15->60 minutes after exercising the better. 

We will enjoy better and faster recovery when we have a designated replenishing strategy after exercise. 

Over night when we sleep, our body heals and recovers as much as t possibly can, so incorporating protein as a staple part of your diet with help you recover as much as possible over night and wake up rested and ready to go the very next morning.

May 24, 2020

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