Understanding Cardiovascular Training

by Rose O'Donovan

This course is for Personal Trainers looking to build skills on cardiovascular training with their clients.  Discover some of the benefits to cardiovascular training, considerations, programming and testing.  In this course Rose takes you through and entire Field Threshold test from beginning to end for an in depth and practical guide to cardiovascular training.

Part 1 Introduction

  • The difference in considerations between activity, exercise and training
  • How the SAID Principle applies to cardiovascular training
  • Understanding your client's metabolic state prior to programming a cardiovascular training block

Part 2 Cardiovascular Training Benefits

  • Understanding the benefits of cardiovascular training
  • How the brain reacts and improves to steady state cardiovascular training
  • Understanding different types of cardiovascular training and their appropriate progressions

Part 3 Fuel

  • Understand the primary sources of fuel during cardio training
  • Understanding lactic acid and carbohydrate breakdown
  • Fuel sources to be considered when choosing maximal and sub-maximal cardiovascular tests

Part 4 Heart Rate

  • Introducing the Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale
  • The Modified RPE Scale
  • Understanding how to elevate heart rate in relation to appropriate training goals
  • Considering the client's starting ability and movement capacities before applying advanced protocols

 Part 5 Testing & Results

  • In this section Rose takes students through a complete field test using a stationary bike to test cardiovascular ability
  • The testing protocols and implementation
  • Warm up duration, testing duration and cool down duration
  • The test itself
  • Results analysis and discussion

Preview: Cardiovascular Training Course

Activity, Exercise & Training

In this chapter we discuss the difference between activity, exercise and training and the different types of CV training

Benefits of Cardiovascular Training

In this chapter we discuss some of the benefits of cardiovascular training to the body and the brain.


In this chapter we discuss what the primary source of fuel is for the body; lactic acid and testing

Heart Rate

In this chapter we explore two types of graphs to assess heart rate and exertion: RPM and the Modified scale. We also delve into how to activate the bodies energy systems before starting any testing

Threshold Testing

In this chapter Rose takes us through a threshold test: Activation, protocols and the results


This chapter we take a look at all the essential points of the workshop: Client Assessments, Testing and Programing

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