Immune health with Reshi Mushroom

Immune health is something on all our minds. With the advent of coronavirus and global lockdown laws, staying fit and keeping your immune system healthy is a must for everyone. Here we deep dive into one of the worlds best immune supplements Reshi and look at what the research says on this medicinal mushroom.

Reshi mushroom comes from the 'Ganoderma species' of mushrooms and is considered one of the most healing herbal materials throughout Asia. 

What are some of the proposed health benefits of Reshi Mushrooms? In vitro evidence suggests that Reshi mushrooms are immune modulating and have anti cancer properties.  Other in vitro and in vivo studies show that Reshi supplementation is neuro-protective and generally cell protective. 

In human radomized controlled trials Reshi mushroom improved total antioxidant capacity, increased glutathione levels and significantly increased the activity of antioxidant enzymes along with effectively reversing fatty liver disease. 

So how much Reshi mushroom can we consume? Well in trials 2-4 grams of Reshi taken daily had the above mentioned results with no adverse side effects. 

You can simply buy reshi mushroom powders from your local health food store and add a teaspoon to your spoothies or make it as a tea. 

For more information of the Nutritional and Therapeutic effects of Mushrooms visit our courses page. 

Jun 06, 2020

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