Hip & Glute Workout

by Tanya Thompson

Hip Home Program

Course Aim:                                                                      

In today‚Äôs times there are so many hip issues and these issues run deeper than most of us know. This course is going to address all you need to know about what you can do to look after your hips at home on a daily basis. Therefore, we are focusing on functional hip stability in order to make your everyday activities easier and keep your hips strong to prevent future injury. This program is going to encourage hip stability and therefore make daily activities so much easier. The ultimate goal is INVOLUNTARY STABILIZATION for longevity; hence the results will be long-term. Please ensure that you continue to do this program throughout your life as repetition is vital for maintaining any stability. The brain will not store a new pattern of movement if it is not repeated hundreds of times in the correct manner. Only then will the subconscious mind store it as the new pattern of stability and once it is stored, it becomes involuntary.                                                       



Hip Home Program - Preview

Hip Home Programme

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Sep 20, 2021
All levels
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