Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics

by Tanya Thompson


This course will teach you about the Musculoskeletal system and how this system responds when moving. It will enable you analyse movement on an anatomical level and therefore, allow you to teach classes that embrace a better understanding of your client’s bodies as they move.

You will learn compensations due to muscular restrictions and by the end of this course will know the muscles, their names and the movements that they produce as well as their antagonists.


Course description:
Anatomical terminology relating to movement
Planes of motion
A look at the skeletal system
A comprehensive look at the muscular system


Course requirements:

Computer, Internet, Manual (to be printed off of website), stationery Course agenda:

This course is done online at a time convenient for the candidate              
The course is presented via a video so the candidate is able to watch the course and follow the presenter from the manual
The course is divided into 5 sessions and therefore, they can do one session at a time
The course duration is approximately 5 hours
At the end of the final session, you are to complete a test at your convenience
They will also receive the 1-page course summary
A certificate will be available upon completion of the Q&A once all videos have been watched



Preview Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the biomechanics and anatomy of the human body.

L1 Anatomy & Biomechanics Terminologies

Positional Terminology The Anatomical Position Anatomical language Terms used to describe movements at the joints Sagitaal Plane Coronal Plane Transverse Plane Flexion/Extension/Rotation/Abduction/Adduction Muscle Categories Agonists/Antagonists/Synergist Contraction Types Isometric/Concentric?Eccentric Muscles that Produce Specific Movements in relation to Pilates

L2 Characteristics of Muscle and Contraction Type

Anatomy of the neck Skeletal muscle and motor units Types of muscle contractions: Isotonic and Isometric

L3 Anatomy of the Torso & Pelvis

Specific Muscle Anatomy of the the torso, the back and pelvis (Origins/Insertions/Actions) How our anatomy relates to core stability and Pilates

L4 Upper and Lower Extremity Muscle Anatomy

Muscle Anatomy of the Upper Extremity The Shoulder The Rotator Cuff The Elbow Joint Lower Extremity Muscle Anatomy The Hip Joint The Knee Joint

L5 Lower Extremity Anatomy Cont. & Conclusion

Muscle Anatomy The Knee Joint The Ankle Joint Course Summary & Conclusion

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