Why is chaturanga an important pose to understand?

Why is chaturanga an important pose to understand?

Chaturanga is a pose I love. But it wasn’t always that way. After four years of intense yoga practice I finally learned one really important aspect of the pose: to engage my shoulders. It doesn’t mean that my teachers for the first 4 years of my yoga journey didn’t teach this to me, but for some reason I just wasn’t ready to absorb the information until I was in my YogaWorks Teacher Training in 2008.

You may be wondering why it’s so important to engage the shoulders. And the answer is clear once you begin to go deeper. Engaging the shoulders is essential to support the head, neck, spine, shoulders & wrists. When diving deeper into the ways in which you can support your body through the asana practice, it’s a great way to gain more understanding of your structural habits. Those that create imbalances, which can lead to pain, as well as those habits that build more efficiency in your body.

In this workshop on www.alifeofeducation.com we explore various ways to experience the pose, before actually doing the pose itself. We break things down so that you can understand in your own body, where your blind spots may be. Discovering for yourself how much engagement is required throughout your entire body in order to be fully supported in this pose. It’s a powerful pose with so much to teach us. Beyond the physical. Training your brain/body relationship through dissecting and understanding. Check it out.   

Apr 16, 2020

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