5 Activities you can do at home to stay healthy

For most of us currently living through the global COVID 19 pandemic I’m sure we are all feeling the eeriness of the situation. It’s almost as if those famous Hollywood movies like World war Z or Contagion have come to life.  The reality that the global community will be living the next few weeks, or a couple of months on lockdown is an unfathomable reality. Yet we are here, bracing ourselves in isolation with our pantries stocked and refrigerators full.So what can we do to positively impact our lives during this hibernation period? Here are our Top 5 activities you can do at home to stay healthy during the COVID 19 outbreak. For the full details click on the link below and check out the ALOE blog with our full guide.


Up until recently meditation was something I really struggled with. The second I sat down to clear my mind, I found myself sitting with a mind full of to-do lists.When I stopped thinking about every to-do list item and every possible outcome I then started to think more nonsense. Anyway long story short, the point of meditation is not to be perfect at it, the point is to try.So here are a few useful tips to get started with meditation. There are many different meditation techniques out there but my favourite is to find some relaxing meditation music and a quiet place to sit (the less distractions the better).Once I'm in a comfortable position, I listen to the music and empty my mind of any thoughts. The moment I find myself thinking, I try bring myself back to focusing either on my breath or the music or the emptiness of my mind. Repeat until the meditation time has finished. Try this out, you will only improve with practice, but you will never be perfect. 

Exercising At Home.

 An important part of keeping your your mind and body healthy, is to keep moving and flood the brain with endorphins, the happy hormones we love to enjoy after exercising. Although avoiding public places means that working out at your local gym or studio is impossible, there are many activities you can still do at home. All you need is your body-weight, a mat and some floor space and you’re set.


It may feel strange and something you have never done before and not something you thought you would enjoy doing. I felt the same way but trust me from experience I can tell you that once you get that first workout done, and you’re sitting on your mat or on your sofa with the session completed you’ll be delighted you did it! Just like those days you didn’t want to go to the gym, to the studio or to that spin class, once you finished it you were happy and proud you made the effort. Plus this way you don’t have to worry about your outfit matching or who’s watching you, you’ve got the comfort of your own bathroom and bedroom for changing and you don’t have travel anywhere once you’re done!


With all of that said, we are so excited to be able to offer you some great free workouts coming up on our blog page. Click the link below for a new daily class completely FREE


Eating Healthy.


When our best effort to save the world involves staying at home and sitting on the sofa, it is so easy to resort to take-out and junk food during isolation. But at this time, with all the stress and uncertainty, another great way to avoid gaining weight, reduce anxiety and stay as healthy as physically possible includes a healthy eating plan.


Further to a healthy diet, we believe a commonly overlooked aspect that has a double benefit during time where are immune system is at risk, is supplementation with vitamins and extra healthy nutrients!


For an immune system boost we have added some Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D to our daily food intake. Along with Quercetin, glutathione and omega 3 supplements. Remember we are not qualified dieticians and this advice is just simply what we have learned from our experience in the industry for over 15 years. If you have any queries or questions, contact a certified dietician for their advice.

Connecting with Friends and Family 

This point may seem to contradict the entire notion of social distancing but there are so many ways we can connect to the people we love. If we cannot see our friends and family then the next best thing is to find some way to video chat with them. Try things like a cook along with your family and friends and enjoy the meals "together" but from afar, or a book club, ask them to tell you about their favourite topics, music, artists, travel places, play 20 questions, just try and have some fun!


Lets face it since the “tested coronavirus” cases keep increasing, we must prepare for daily the quarantine efforts to get stricter. Since no one on the planet has ever experienced a global lock down of this scale it’s also logical that many of us feel unnerved by the whole situation. With all this in mind its important speaking to loved ones on a regular basis and don't be afraid to tell them your fears and anxieties. 

Learning Something New. 

Now this is where we can really help you. As a vibrant Online Education Platform we have 75 Courses available for you to keep your mind busy and improving while in isolation. And to make this better we are offering a 50% discount on ALL our Anatomy courses. AND to make matters ever better, every day this week we are offering a 50% discount on a different course everyday so stay tuned!!!!




Mar 23, 2020

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