The Art of Yoga Sequencing

by Liz Terry

Liz Terry teaches you how to get creative and artistic with your Yoga Sequencing when thinking about your classes. 

Enjoy a deeper understanding and framework behind how to better structure your classes for you and your students.

Whether you choose to structure the class around an specific physiological goal, in this case Hip Awareness, or a peak physical pose like a Shoulder Balance. 

This course will show you how to plan that as a specific goal, and how to take your students through an effective warm up flow, to prepare their physical body for the specific sequence and how to build a beginning a middle and an end into your sequence.

Art of Sequencing Introduction

How do you decide your yoga sequence? What plan do you lay out for your yoga class? This course teaches you how to plan a yoga class for you and your students.

P1 Hip Awareness Lesson

How to design a class around hip awareness, hip strength and hop mobility. Which poses you might think about choosing, how to order them and which sequence to talk your class through/

P1 Hip Awareness Sequence with Audio

Join Liz for a short insight into the art of Yoga Sequencing

P2 Shoulder Balance Peak Pose Lesson

Liz explains the thought process around building up to a peak pose, how to warm your class up appropriately and how to gently build them up to be prepared for that peak pose, in this case a shoulder balance.

P2 Shoulder Balance Peak Pose Sequence

Liz demonstrates her sequence and teaches with a voiceover, building up to her peak pose, a shoulder balance.

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Nov 30, 2020
All levels
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Liz Terry

Liz Terry

Liz is the Founder of Satya Flow Yoga which began in Dubai, UAE. An eRYT500, she is trained to teach the 200hr Yogaworks Teacher Training (having 45 students graduated from her training already), brings International Yogi’s to Dubai, teaches creative and fun Workshops all over the Region, and leads Yoga Retreats all over the world. She enjoys the multi-cultural nature of her classes which are challenging, adventurous and fun. Liz encourages her students to reach beyond what they thought possible which keeps them learning and growing.

“Yoga is not an easy path. In fact, it’s one of the most challenging paths because it forces us to break free of whom we think we should be in order to reveal our authentic Self, honoring who we truly are,” a teacher once told Liz. If we choose the discipline and daily practice of Yoga we often find ourselves asking, ‘What is it what I’m trying to hide? What am I so afraid of?’

What began as a love for the physical practice of Yoga, ended up being a daily discipline of discovering and peeling the layers of her true potential, her Satya (Truth).

A few years after she began her spiritual path of Yoga, her mother tragically passed away from Cancer. During the process of hospital stays, chemotherapy and radiation, Liz’s only refuge was her Yoga practice. Yoga helped her through the pain of losing her mother, and being a Yoga Teacher is her daily tribute to the amazing woman whom will always be her best friend.

Because of Liz’s own transformation and this desire to continue to learn more about herself she found that her purpose is to guide others in revealing their Satya. Too many of us are living unconsciously in cycles of bad habit’s which keep us in a state of suffering. Whether we’re staying in a job we can’t stand, staying in a relationship that’s not working, or not having the courage to stay true to ourselves, we all have our challenges. Yoga gives us the opportunity to gain the confidence and courage to be compassionate not only to others, but also to ourselves. And through this exploration we gain courage into seeking our own Satya.

Liz not only teaches what she’s learned from the AMAZING Guru’s she’s had the honor of studying with, but she continues to expand as a teacher and as a person through workshops, classes and more than anything else, her students.