The Art of Yoga Sequencing

by Yoga

This course teaches you how to get creative and artistic with your Yoga Sequencing when thinking about your classes. 

Enjoy a deeper understanding and framework behind how to better structure your classes for you and your students.

Whether you choose to structure the class around an specific physiological goal, in this case Hip Awareness, or a peak physical pose like a Shoulder Balance. 

This course will show you how to plan that as a specific goal, and how to take your students through an effective warm up flow, to prepare their physical body for the specific sequence and how to build a beginning a middle and an end into your sequence.

Art of Sequencing Introduction

How do you decide your yoga sequence? What plan do you lay out for your yoga class? This course teaches you how to plan a yoga class for you and your students.

P1 Hip Awareness Lesson

How to design a class around hip awareness, hip strength and hop mobility. Which poses you might think about choosing, how to order them and which sequence to talk your class through/

P1 Hip Awareness Sequence with Audio

Join Liz for a short insight into the art of Yoga Sequencing

P2 Shoulder Balance Peak Pose Lesson

Liz explains the thought process around building up to a peak pose, how to warm your class up appropriately and how to gently build them up to be prepared for that peak pose, in this case a shoulder balance.

P2 Shoulder Balance Peak Pose Sequence

Liz demonstrates her sequence and teaches with a voiceover, building up to her peak pose, a shoulder balance.

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Mar 24, 2024
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