Understanding Tendon Injuries

by Oliver Blenkinsop

Understanding Tendon Injuries

  • Tendinopathy Introduction
  • This introduction outlines what is a tendon?
  • What is tendinopathy?
  • The terminologies and the pain dysfunction associated with tendon injury.
  • The Cook Model
  • Learn the Cook continuum for better understanding how to rehabilitate tendon injuries
  • Treatment Options
  • In this lesson you will learn how to consider the requirements of the individual and the thought process behind your exercise and load selection when choosing rehabilitation options to strengthen tendons

Who is this Course Great for?

L1 Tendons - Tendinopathy Introduction

Learn what exactly a tendon is made of, the terminologies involved, what is a tendinopathy, pain and The Cook Model, how to rehabilitate tendons and thought processes behind creating rehabilitation programmes.

L2 Tendons - The Cook Model

What exactly is The Cook Model and how is it useful to better understand tendon injuries and how to structure a rehabilitation programme for them

L3 Tendons - Treatment & Rehabilitation Exercise Options

Considering the Person, What exercises to choose, should you loading tendon isometrically, should you loading tendon eccentrically, what kind of reps and sets for strength training and restoring the spring and plymetric training

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Feb 22, 2021
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Oliver Blenkinsop

Oliver Blenkinsop

Ollie's interest and passion in sport with particular football and the science that can be applied to it, has forged his academic and career path to date with the goal of trying to ensure players are able to perform consistently at the highest level possible. Initially Ollie focused on establishing a solid academic background in both the UK and the USA, which was followed by applying his expert knowledge and experiences within professional football in both the Premier League (QPR internship) and internationally within the MLS, where he worked for two seasons for Seattle Sounders FC in their victorious MLS championship winning season.Ollie is currently the Programme Director for the MSc in Sport Rehabilitation at St. Mary's University London lecturing both MSc and BSc students