Understanding the Nervous System Hollistically

by Dr Lanelle Dunn

Join Dr Lanelle Dunn on this five part journey exploring the nervous system holistically. 

Lecture 1 - Introduction with Dr. Zena Ladha

  • Introducing the nervous system
  • How the nervous system is broken down into conscious and subconscious
  • How the Autonomic Nervous System is broken down
  • The Function of the Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • The Function of Sympathetic Nervous System

Lecture 2 - Dr. Lanelle Dunne

  • The Physiology of the Nervous System
  • What is Anthroposophic Medicine
  • How to understand the nervous with "The Three Fold Human" approach
  • How to keep the Nervous System, the Rhythmical System and the Metabolic Limb System synchronised and balanced
  • How a person can get stuck in a Sympathetic Nervous system response
  • What happens physiologically during a Sympathetic Nervous System response when it's over stimulated
  • What kind of stressors can overwhelm the nervous system
  • How chronic inflammation can effect the nervous system and endocrine system
  • What are the treatment modalities to help fix the nervous and help the body recover
  • How to switch the body from Sympathetic response to Parasympathetic Response
  • How anthroposophic and natural medicine can help bring the nervous system more parasympathetic
  • How diet and supplements can improve digestion and gut flora

Lecture 3 - Positive Psychology & The Nervous System with Dr. Vanda Corbett

  • How we treat stress in the body
  • How the physical, chemical and emotional stress in our bodies manifest themselves
  • What is Positive Psychology
  • What is flow that people talk about and what makes people thrive 
  • How we can people to be more positive and live more in a parasympathetic nervous system activation
  • The role of the vagus nerve in connecting the brain to the body's organs and hormonal system
  • The role of the amygdala and the hippocampus in fear and threat analysis
  • The role of the left and right hemisphere and neuroplasticty to improve its health
  • How we can improve vagal tone
  • How heart rate variability is connected to the parasympathetic system
  • How we can improve heart rate variability in order to improve athletic performance

Bonus Material - What exactly is Positive Psychology?

1 The Nervous System Preview.mp4

2 Nervous System Introduction.mp4

3 An Anthroposophical Approach.mp4

5 Positive Psychology.mp4

4 Overstimulated Physiology.mp4

6 Positive Psychology Bonus Material.mp4

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