Understanding the Nervous System Hollistically
by Dr Lanelle Dunn

$ 29.00
$ 29.00

Join Dr Lanelle Dunn on this five part journey exploring the nervous system holistically. 

Lecture 1 - Introduction with Dr. Zena Ladha

Introducing the nervous system

How the nervous system is broken down into conscious and subconscious

How the Autonomic Nervous System is broken down

The Function of the Parasympathetic Nervous System

The Function of Sympathetic Nervous System

Lecture 2 - Dr. Lanelle Dunne

The Physiology of the Nervous System

What is Anthroposophic Medicine

How to understand the nervous with "The Three Fold Human" approach

How to keep the Nervous System, the Rhythmical System and the Metabolic Limb System synchronised and balanced

How a person can get stuck in a Sympathetic Nervous system response

What happens physiologically during a Sympathetic Nervous System response when it's over stimulated

What kind of stressors can overwhelm the nervous system

How chronic inflammation can effect the nervous system and endocrine system

What are the treatment modalities to help fix the nervous and help the body recover

How to switch the body from Sympathetic response to Parasympathetic Response

How anthroposophic and natural medicine can help bring the nervous system more parasympathetic

How diet and supplements can improve digestion and gut flora

Lecture 3 - Positive Psychology & The Nervous System with Dr. Vanda Corbett

How we treat stress in the body

How the physical, chemical and emotional stress in our bodies manifest themselves

What is Positive Psychology

What is flow that people talk about and what makes people thrive 

How we can people to be more positive and live more in a parasympathetic nervous system activation

The role of the vagus nerve in connecting the brain to the body's organs and hormonal system

The role of the amygdala and the hippocampus in fear and threat analysis

The role of the left and right hemisphere and neuroplasticty to improve its health

How we can improve vagal tone

How heart rate variability is connected to the parasympathetic system

How we can improve heart rate variability in order to improve athletic performance

Bonus Material - What exactly is Positive Psychology?

This workshop is a 6 part series delving into the following subjects.

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4 Overstimulated Physiology.mp4

6 Positive Psychology Bonus Material.mp4

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Jan 07, 2020
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Dr Lanelle Dunn

Dr Lanelle Dunn

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