Understanding Ligament Injuries

by Oliver Blenkinsop

Understanding Ligament Injury

  • Ligamentous Injury
  • In this lesson you will learn the structure and function of ligaments, the classification of injury of ligaments, signs and symptoms of injury, the healing phases and factors affecting the outcomes
  • Signs, Symptoms & Factors Effecting Healing Outcomes
  • Learn what to recognize when presented with a ligament injury and the considerations required when planning the recovery phase
  • Sensorimotor Effects
  • Understand how the body coordinates itself in space and its ability to control and prevent excessive movement
  • ACL Injuries
  • Understand the recovery times and implications of ACL injuries and how best to approach the rehabilitation process
  • Preventative Exercise & Neuromuscular Training
  • Learn how to select appropriate exercises to prevent future ACL injuries especially in those who are high risk of suffering an ACL injury
  • Return To Play
  • Understand the considerations of the time it takes the tissue to fully heal and the function that must be restored before returning to high intensity training and competition

Ligaments L20 - Introduction to Ligament Injuries

Structure and Function of Ligaments, how they get injured, signs and symptoms of injury and severity. Ligament Healing Response stages.

Ligaments L21 - Signs & Symptoms and Factors Effecting Recovery Outcome

Factors effecting healing, rehabilitation and preventative neuromuscular control training

Ligaments L22 - Sensorimotor Effects

Ligaments L24 - Preventative Exercises & Neuromuscular Training

Ligaments L25 - Return to Play

L26 - Summary

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Oliver Blenkinsop

Oliver Blenkinsop

Ollie's interest and passion in sport with particular football and the science that can be applied to it, has forged his academic and career path to date with the goal of trying to ensure players are able to perform consistently at the highest level possible. Initially Ollie focused on establishing a solid academic background in both the UK and the USA, which was followed by applying his expert knowledge and experiences within professional football in both the Premier League (QPR internship) and internationally within the MLS, where he worked for two seasons for Seattle Sounders FC in their victorious MLS championship winning season.Ollie is currently the Programme Director for the MSc in Sport Rehabilitation at St. Mary's University London lecturing both MSc and BSc students