Training the Elderly

by Tanya Thompson

Training the Elderly

Course Overview: 

The fundamentals of training the elderly is covered in this course. We look at what their challenges would be, what the precautions are when training them and what the objectives for their programs should be. Watch as we teach an elderly lady by modifying and assisting numerous exercises. Learn what their restrictions are and how you can design a program for them and therefore improve their overall well-being. There needs to be a greater focus on understanding what they are capable of doing and what would be contraindicated for them during movement and exercise. 

Aim of the course: 

This course enables the movement professional to teach the elderly with various precautions in mind. They will learn a program that covers the fundamental goals of teaching the elderly as well as how to address their needs without placing them into uncomfortable positions or expecting them to perform movements that are contraindicated for them. The movement professional will gain an understanding of how to modify and assist various exercises and therefore be able to meet the client needs. They will also learn the teaching style that is required in order to deliver a successful class for this specific population.

Training the Elderly - Preview

Training the Elderly- Part 1

Training the Elderly - Part 2

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Sep 20, 2021
All levels
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