Getting Social Media Savvy

by Naomh McElhatton

In this lecture series, Naomh McElhatton, dives into getting your foothold on social media, understanding the basics and where to get started. For any fitness professional, yoga or pilates instructor eager to get a grasp on this ever evolving art of Social Media marketing this workshop is the perfect way to get your footing and increase exposure to your personal brand.

  • How to use social media to grow your business
  • Factors and people to consider when wanting to grow your business online
  • What steps to take when creating a social media strategy
  • Defining your goals
  • Understand each social media platform
  • Understand and define your customer persona
  • Analyse and monitor how engaging your content is
  • Promoting and integrating your content online
  • How to utilise your customer database
  • How to approach partnerships and affiliations
  • How to use each individual social media platform & engagement tips for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube Twitter and Snapchat 
  • What is an elevator pitch
  • What is a Call to Action, it's importance and examples
  • Tips on how to create a content calendar so you can keep structure and consistency to your social media marketing campaign
  • Final Five top tips for creating you social media strategy

Sneak Peek into "Getting Social Media Savy"

For students interesting in a quick glimpse of the course and some of the highlights of this workshop.

Putting together a digital marketing strategy.

In this lecture Naomh discusses the importance of creating a proper digital marketing plan and outlines why its essential that every business understands their goals before putting a plan in place. Naomh also touches on her preferred business approach the S.O.S.T.A.C approach . Situation analysis Objectives Strategy Tactics Actions Customers

Creating really good content

In this lecture Naomh explains some useful tips on creating really good content. By making your content inspirational, educational and Informative you help captivate your audience.

Competitor Analysis and what channels to use when marketing.

In this lecture Naomh ask you when was the last time you had a look at what your competitors are doing? In addition we begin looking at the various channel available for advertising from using your website, social media, advertising, and email marketing.


Key word advertising Banner ads and more .... this lecture is a brief look at some advertising options out there to help get your business seen.

Search Engine Optimization

In this lecture Naomh discusses what the term "Search Engine Optimization" is and how the the process of optimizing your online content can help you rank high in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Email Marketing

In this lecture Naomh discuss the benefits of email marketing and how to get started with this strategy.

Mobile Marketing

In this lecture Naomh takes you through some mobile marketing avenues like App Marketing, Mobile advertising and more

Social Media

What social media channels should you use?

In this lecture Naomh looks at the main social media channels and what makes each of these channels different.

Social Media Management tools

In this lecture Naomh discusses some strategies to help you with your social media management. In particular software like Hootsuit and Sprout help you to schedule posts on a multiple platforms weeks in advance. These tools also help you to see weekly reports and analytics about your engagement.

Part 2. Creating a social media strategy

In this lecture we recap some basics from Part 1 of "Getting Social Media Savy". We then begin the lecture with a brief look at how to create a social media strategy.

Part 2: Understanding the social media platforms

In this lecture Naomh discusses the social media platforms available to use for your social media strategy.

Part 2. Promoting your content

In this lecture Naomh discusses the types of avenues for promoting your social media content; Earned, Paid and Owned.

Part 2. Twitter

In this lecture Naomh discusses how to use twitter and why Twitter is still important.

Part 2: LinkedIn

In this chapter Naomh discusses why and how LinkedIn in the most important business social tool and how to get started.

Part 2: Youtube

Part 2: Instagram

Part 2: SnapChat

Part 2: Social media content calendar

In this lecture Naomh discusses how to create a content calendar and some tips for making a calendar that works and is interactive.

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