Pregnancy and Training

by Tanya Thompson

Pregnancy and Training


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Pregnant clients could be classified as a SPECIAL POPULATION as they require special care and they have a definite focus during their classes in order to maintain a healthy, tension free and injury free pregnancy.  It is always imperative that you get a letter from her doctor, stating that she is in an acceptable condition to exercise. He may also state if there are any specific requests with regards to exercise or precautions.                       

They seem to be under the impression that due to their ‘predicament’ they should not exercise as this will jeopardise their pregnancy. This will only be true if the doctor has said that the client has a delicate condition e.g. lose cervix, previous miscarriages, has fallen pregnant through fertility treatment or any other reason that the doctor may feel to be delicate. However, a pregnant client definitely needs a specialised program and an instructor that is familiar and confident with training her. It is important to know the restrictions and guidelines for maintaining a healthy pregnancy.


This is such an important stage in a lady’s life that she needs to ensure that her body is healthy and that she has a strong mind body connection in order to feel at ease and be aware of all the changes that are to come. If at any stage an instructor feels that they are not sure of what they are delving into then it is best to avoid training any pregnant client in order to avoid any disastrous consequences.


Pre Study Guide - Course Outline

  • Anatomy
  • Inside the abdomen 
  • The sacroiliac joint 
  • Placenta Previa 
  • Anatomical terminology 
  • Abdominal muscles.
  • Pelvic floor
  • Back (spinal) extensors
  • Hip Extensors                                                    

  Course Outline                                                          
  •  Introduction 
  • Advantages
  • Beneficial modalities of exercise
  • Information that would interest her
  • Anatomical changes
  • Guidelines and precautions 
  • Diastasis 
  • Additional info
  • The exercise program
  • Common pregnancy posture: Lordotic / kyphotic                        
    •  Upper back                         
    •  Glute maximus
    •  Pectorals
    •  Lumbar spine
    •  Cervical spine 
    • SIJ syndrome 
    • Glute maximus
    • Glute minimus and medius
    • Multifidus & pelvic floor
    • Adductor and opposite oblique:

    Trimesters and training.

  • 1st Trimester:

  • 2nd Trimester

  • 3rd Trimester

  • Safe Stretches                         




Pregnancy and Training Preview

Pregnancy and Training Session 1a

Pregnancy and Training Session 1b

Pregnancy and Training Session 2a

Pregnancy and Training Session 2b

Pregnancy and Training Session 3

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