Human Ecology

by Kris Rai Pavlina Rai

Course Outline:

Like many things in nature, our body has its own internal and external ecology. Along with the abundance of organisms and eco systems developed during our evolution, our movement patterns and habits naturally developed and evolved to enable us flourish as early human societies. Hunting, gathering, foraging, combat and building each put specific and different demands on our body. In the modern world, sitting at work, commuting and in the home has fast become a leading cause of postural adaptations and poor movement patterns. The Movement Ecology series is focused on highlighting the most common ancestral postures, beginning with sitting. 

Course Aim:

  • Floor based sitting has many benefits which include 
  • Joint range of motion 
  • Strength 
  • Flexibility and Agility 
  • Neurological Importance

Human Ecology Part 1 About Kris & Pav.mp4

Human Ecology Part 2 Sitting Kneeling Matrix.mp4

Human Ecology Part 3 Sitting Positions.mp4

Human Ecology Part 4 Sitting Flow.mp4

Human Ecology Part 5 Putting it all together.mp4

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Nov 30, 2020
All levels
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Kris Rai

Kris Rai

Graduating from London as an Osteopath & Naturopath over 10 years ago, Kris is an international speaker, has worked in amateur & elite sport, and is a university lecturer. In his work as a health & movement professional, Kris combines his knowledge in natural movement, functional biomechanics, functional neurology, Osteopathy, Naturopathy & functional medicine to create a powerful understanding of how to achieve health.

An ever growing concern about sustainability & the industrialisation of our food systems, Kris turned Paleo for 5 years, followed by 3 years of veganism. Kris now finds solace as a deeply conscientious omnivore, constantly learning how to live as sustainably as humanly possible within the Earths shared ecosystem

Pavlina Rai

Pavlina Rai

For 27 years Pav has been using ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, hip hop & break dancing, yoga and natural movement to inform her movement practice. Pav’s deeper curiosity for movement led her to study eastern movement philosophies such as Tai Chi, Wing Chun and Ashtanga Yoga, all of which influence her approach. Pav is a qualified Pilates teacher, practices Ashtanga Yoga, has studied with the Gray institute, and is a MovNat practitioner.

Pav's own battles with her health started her appreciation for nutritious, whole foods & the pitfalls of processed foods, Pav learned the importance of sustainability in all walks of life, and from being vegan, is now a deeply conscientious omnivore focused on being a positive part of the ecosystem