Lee Grantham - Couch to Long Distance Running

by Lee Grantham

If you've ever wanted your very own running training programme whether it's to get started with a short distance 4 or 5k, or an intermediate distance 10k or half marathon, Lee Granthan spells out the exact training sessions you should be following to cross that finish line!

Lee Grantham is a champion marathon and ultra marathon, he runs professionally for Team GB and coaches long distance runner to improve their times from zero to ultra marathon athletes.

In this lecture series he shares his expertise and gives you the training plan you need whether you're a complete beginner and want a plan to know how to start running from nothing or if you're interested in learning how to improve your 5k or 10k time.

Lee also gives advice and training tips and a plan for how to run your first 21k and what kind of training plan for a half marathon you should be following, to prevent injury and improve your half marathon time.

Later in the series you will learn how to prepare for a marathon and what the best approach is to complete the full 42k marathon in the best possible time and shave minutes off your marathon PB.

Lee also gives the most ambitious of runners an insight and a taste of what it will take to join endurance running's top club and boast your name alongside those who have completed the ever elusive 100km ultra marathon. He will give you the perfect training programme to run an ultra marathon and pass that iconic 100km marker on your way to successfully completing the holy grail of endurance running.

Couch to Long Distance Running Preview

Lee Grantham explains what exactly you will learn when you enrol on this course. How to start running from zero to 5k. How to improve your fitness levels to reach that 10km mark. How to build on your solid base of fitness to reach the 21km half marathon milestone. How to prepare for a full marathon and complete 42km with no injury and enjoy a huge amount of success. He also gives the most ambitious of runners glimpse and a taste of what it takes to achieve the holy grail of endurance running the 100km distance, Ultra Marathon

2 Psychology of Running

Lee explains why he got into running, how he was not enjoying his life in his twenties working in an office and all he wanted to do was run. He delves into what kind of thought process begins when you start running and what you need to consider when you start running.

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4 Running Your Best 10k

5 What Else Can I Do To Improve

6 Your Ultimate Half Marathon

7 Your Fastest 42k Marathon

8 The Holy Grail - Ultra Marathon

9 Wrap Up Summary

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