Effective Training for Hyper-mobility

by Tanya Thompson


Introduction and Outline of course


The fundamentals of safe and efficient training for hyper-mobility is addressed in this course. We take a look at understanding hyper-mobility, the precautions as well as the objectives. Learn about an easy hyper-mobility assessment and see us do this assessment on a 7-year-old girl who is extremely hyper-mobile and watch as we train a hyper-mobile lady in order to encourage strength and stability with all of the precautions in mind.



This course enables the Movement Professional to teach an effective hyper-mobility based session that will encourage better alignment and functional strength within the body. The professional will also learn all precautionary measures as well as the objectives when designing a hyper-mobility program. After completing this course, the professional will also have a deeper understanding of how hyper-mobility affects the joints, organs, anxiety levels and tendons.


Course description:

  •  Insight into hypermobility ➢ The Beighton Scale
  • Risks and precautions
  • Goals for the program
  • The exercise program
  • Conclusion

Course requirements:

  •  Computer, Internet, Manual (to be printed off of website), stationery                            
  •  Small equipment (arc or bosu, band, mat, 65cm ball, box or bench, foam roller, tone loop, 4 kg weights)                            

    Course agenda:   

  • This course is done online at a time convenient for the candidate                                    
  •  The course is presented via a video so the candidate is able to watch the course and follow the presenter from the manual
  • The course is covered in 1 session
  • The course duration is approximately 90 minutes
  • At the end of the final session, they are to complete a test at their convenience
  • They will also receive the 1page course summary
  • A certificate will be available once they have achieved 70% on the test

Effective Training for Hyper-mobility Preview

Effective Training for Hyper-mobility - Part 1

Effective Training for Hyper-mobility - Part 2

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Sep 20, 2021
Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)
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