Fitness for Menopausal women
by Catherine Williams

This lecture series discusses the different stages of menopause, the physical manifestations, psychological and nutritional changes that women can face. 

Furthermore this lecture will help you;

Understand what menopause truly is.

How to screen a Meno-Fit client and get a better understanding of their signs and symptoms

To plan training sessions for women better and help them achieve their fitness goals throughout the different stages of Menopause.

Identify the different stages and symptoms

Understand what training considerations need to be made when exercising

Red and yellow flags to be able to identify and act appropriately on

What the 
- physiological, psychological, nutritional challenges are during pre/peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause are

- programming considerations are

- other considerations to take into account

What health care professionals and resources do you need to equip and surround yourself with as a trainer

REPS: 1 CPD point

This workshop is a 10 part series delving into the following subjects.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Learning Outcome and Defining menopause and its stages

Chapter 2: Planning for your Meno-fitness client

In this chapter discover some essential elements in training a Menopausal client from the importance of Prescreening to building a support network and referral system.

Chapter 3: The physiological signs during the three stages of Menopause

In this chapter learn about the three stages of Menopause and discover some of the physiological effects, which may occur during those stages.

Chapter 4: The psychological implications of training Menopausal women

In this chapter learn about the psychological side effects experienced by women during the three stages of Menopause.

Chapter 5: Nutrition and Menopause

In this chapter learn about some important points to consider in terms of nutrition and your menopausal client

Chapter 6: Training Considerations

In this chapter Catherine discusses some of the physical considerations when preparing a training program for a menopausal woman.

Chapter 7: Training Considerations: Red and Yellow flags

This chapter discusses some the "red and yellow flags" of training menopausal women.

Chapter 8: Programming

In this chapter Catherine discusses some tips when designing your programs

Chapter 9: Summary

In this chapter we summaries all our learning outcomes for this lecture and recap on the essential elements of training menopausal women

Chapter 10: Your Toolbox

In this chapter Catherine discusses some essential elements that will assist you on building your niche and building strong ties to colleagues in complimenting fields.

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Catherine Williams

Catherine Williams

Living in Dubai for 20 years, Catherine has still has her beautiful Irish accent and her positive representation of her hometown – Dublin. During these 20 years, she has forged a hugely successful career and reputation in both group fitness and personal training, especially within the motherhood market. Having discovered a love of group fitness, Catherine qualified with ACE before taking a life-changing trip to the IDEA Fitness Convention in Las Vegas after which she returned to Dubai determined to make a difference. 

Her commitment to education was in place and Catherine managed to notch up qualifications with YMCA Level 2 and 3, become a CHEK Lifestyle and Nutrition Consultant as well as becoming an Exercise Coach and Level 1 Fitness Practitioner amongst others. She has been a Reebok sponsored athlete, completed Wadi Bih, dragged herself through 10ks but most importantly, she is a mother of two who just tries really hard to exercise!

Setting up PURE Fitness with Elaine has encapsulated everything Catherine is committed to while she lives with her children Kate (14) and Sebastian (10), Ted the cat, two dogs , a tortoise (Indii) and a very, very patient and tactful husband Dave.

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