Online Essentials: Training Clients Online

by Fitness Education Online

Course Description:

  • The ONLY “Online Personal Training” CEC course that will teach you to step by step how to run the #1 Online Personal Training program!
  • 100% online
  • Self-paced with no time limit (you can take as long as you like to complete the course)
  • Lifetime access to all coursework (even after completion you can log back in and refresh)
  • Approx 5-10hrs of coursework

What you will learn

  • Understand the advantages of adding an online component to their current fitness services
  • Understanding of what products and services an Exercise Professional could provide online
  • Understand what products and services an Exercise Professional should NOT provide online
  • Know what technology is required to provide an online fitness program
  • Provide a basic online health and fitness program to potential clients
  • Understand the basics on how to market an online fitness program

Module 1. Introduction to Online Essentials

Module 1.2 Facebook Community Group

Module 2: Risk Management

Module 2.2 Online Coaching vs Virtual Training

Module 2.3 Value Adds

Module 2.4 Interview Online Supercoach AJ Mihrzad

Module 2.5. Action Tasks

Module 3. Facebook Group

Module 3.1 Facebook Group Set Up

Module 3.2 VIP Facebook Groups

Module 3.3 Community Facebook Groups

Module 3.4 Accountability

Module 3.5 FB Group Accountability

Module 3.6 Online Challenges

Module 3.7 Get to Know You

Module 3.8 Get to Know You #2

Module 3.9 Recipe Challenge

Module 3.10 No Sugar Challenge

Module 3.11 The Walking Challenge

Module 3.12 Hydration Challenge

Module 3.14 Exercise Challenges

Module 3.13 Accountability Challenge

Module 3.15 Dob In A Mate

Module 3.16 Sleeping Challenge

Module 3.17 Interview Hanna Chan

Module 3.18 Action Task

Module 5 Online Coaching Workouts

Module 5.1 Creating and Delivering Online Coaching Workouts

Module 5.2 Tracking Online Workouts

Module 5.3 Sample Exercise Library

Module 5.3 Sample Exercise Library

Module 5.4 Interview Ru Anderson

Module 6. Introduction

Module 6.1 Zoom vs Facebook Live

Module 6.3 How to Play Music on Zoom

Module 6.2 Zoom Overview

Module 6.5 Example 1

Module 6.4 Zoom Virtual Background

Module 6.51 Virtual PT Class

Module 6.53 Example 3 Jonathon Intro

Module 6.54 Example 3 Jonathon

Module 6.55 Example 4 Nicole

Module 6.56 Example 5 Sean Intro

Module 6.57 Sean Workout

Module 6 Bonus From Dan (FTI)

Module 6.6 How to Use Zoom for Partner Workout Games

Module 6.61 Zoom Games Intro

Module 6.62 Scissors Paper Rock

Module 6.63 Number Actions Game

Module 6.64 Hills & Hollows Game

Module 6.65 The Card Game

Module 6.66 The Dice Game

Module 6 Interview Gayan (Online Personal Trainer)

Module 6.7 Action Task.mp4

Module 7 Introduction to Nutrition Advice

Module 7.1 Nutrition Within your Scope of Practise

Module 7.2 Information Products

Module 7.3 Challenges

Module 7.4 Meal Plans

Module 7.5 Summary

Module 7.6 Australian Guide

Module 7.71 Nutrition Live

Module 7.72 USA Lesson 2 Nutrition Tips for PTs

Module 7.8 Lauren Tickner Start Training Clients Online

Module 7.9 Action Tasks

Module 8.1 Coaching Calls

Module 8.2 Results Tracking

Module 8.3 Communication

Module 8.4 Feedback

Module 8.5 Putting It All Together

Module 9.1 App & Software

Module 9.2 Trainerize

Module 9.3 Nut Software

Module 9.4 Online Essentials Apps

Module 9.5 Dropbox

Module 9.6 How Jason Made 38k in a Month

Module 10.1 Membership Site

Module 10.2 Teachable

Module 10.3 Word Press(1).mp4

Module 10.4 Clickfunnels

Module 11.1 Marketing Intro

Module 11.2 Mini Challenge Market

Module 11.3 Lead Magnets

Module 11.4 Landing Page

Module 11.5 Direct Message

Module 11.6 Facebook Group Marketing

Module 11.7 Woofu

Module 11.8 Bitly

Module 11.9 Rebrandly

Module 12.1 How to Make an Ebook

Module 12.2 Book Cover

Module 12.3 Things to Know about Zoom

Module 12.4 Recording From iPhone Screen

Module 12.5 Recording From Android Screen

Module 12.6 Virtual Assistant

Module 12.7 GymGo System

Online Streaming for Personal Trainers

Module 12.8 Best Idea Ever for PTs

Module 12.9 Software for Postural Analysis

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Nov 30, 2023
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