Shoulder Exercises

by Tanya Thompson

Shoulder Exercises   

In today’s times there are so many shoulder issues and these issues run deeper than most of us know. This course is going to address all you need to know about what you can do to look after your shoulders at home on a daily basis. Therefore we are focusing on functional shoulder stability for tension release, functional movements as well as prevention of future major injury. Please keep this manual because this will be the book that you can refer back to at any point in time. Make as many notes as possible and please e-mail us with any questions.



Shoulder Exercises - Preview

Shoulder Home Exercises

The shoulder joint is generally limited in its functional range due to habitual activity, injury, stress or even personality types. Due to this we need to incorporate ‘Free Movement’ into any stability program of the shoulder joint. Often this is more important than the shoulder exercises that we perform. The reason for ‘Free Movement’ training is: It encourages shoulder tension release. It allows for freedom of motion at the shoulder joint and therefore the scapula is able to glide freely. It encourages more stability in the neck region. It enables us to compensate less. If you're looking for shoulder exercises for shoulder rehabilitation then this course is perfect for you to learn how to rehabilitate the shoulder and how to strengthen the shoulder after injury.

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Nov 30, 2020
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Tanya Thompson

Tanya Thompson

Tanya Thompson is the owner and founder of Pilates Unlimited. Tanya has been in the wellness industry since 1998. Her company has over 180 000 hours of experience in movement and rehabilitation. Pilates Unlimited has helped thousands of people achieve a holistic approach to health. Pilates Unlimited is blessed with clients that have been with them from the first day that they opened their doors. They are committed to offering a warm and inviting environment for all their clients in their beautiful studio. Tanya has also developed and presented specialized courses to assist health care professionals, Pilates instructors and personal trainers improve their patients or clients results through movement and exercise.


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