Pilates With Props Workout

by Elif Atay


Course Description:

Congratulations on taking the first steps of starting Pilates.

Elif designed this course to bring you a full-body Pilates experience. In this course we will combine classical pilates exercises with small types of equipment:

  • Magic Circle,
  • Resistance Band,
  • Mini Ball,
  • Fit Ball

To achieve a higher awareness of body control, balance, and alignment. These being our principles, in every section of this course we focus on toning different parts of our body:

  • Abs,
  • Legs and hips,
  • Arms and shoulders

By using different types of equipment correctly and safely.

Now everybody has a busy life and doesn’t take enough care of their bodies that they LIVE in. The pilates method taught in this course is a great investment in your body to age powerfully. Why? Because it helps you to have a stronger core which is a prerequisite to have a healthy life. True core strength comes from strengthening the tiny muscles in and around your spine and working outwards. Pilates helps you to strengthen all your body muscles equally that is essential to keep your body in great and strong shape.

At the end of this course, you can expect to have a more uniformed body from head to toe, and improved posture, reduced back pain, core strength, confidence and a happy you in front of the mirror. Did you know that even professional athletes do Pilates in addition to their regular sports routines? Because Pilates is a whole-body movement and a rehabilitation method. By adding small pieces of equipment to your workout routine, we will reach the dormant muscles that we don't always work in regular sports and we will challenge our bodies to achieve quicker results to get a great body.


2 How to Maximise The Course

3 Equipment Needed

5 Upper Body Workout with Pilates Ring

6 Upper Body Workout with Mini Ball

7 Upper Body Workout with Fit-ball

8 Upper Body Workout with Resistance Band

9 Core & Abs Workout with Pilates Ring

10 Core & Abs Workout with Mini-ball

11 Core & Abs Workout with Fit-ball

12 Core & Abs Workout with Resistance Band

13 Lower Body Workout with Pilates Ring

14 Lower Body Workout with Mini-ball

15 Lower Body Workout with Fit-ball

16 Lower Body Workout with Resistance Band

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Nov 29, 2021
All levels
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