Complete Pilates Mat Course: Beginner to Advanced

by Elif Atay

This course for people at any age to understand the principles of Pilates and to practice it easily anywhere. Pilates is for everyone, at any fitness level. I invite you to think about the money you spend on anything else in your life rather than your BODY. By taking this course you will make a wonderful investment for your future.

What makes this course different is the fact that it is very detailed and informative. You will learn how to do the Pilates exercises CORRECTLY and also to get the MOST out of your workouts. At the beginning of the course, we will start with the theoretical aspect of Pilates. Further, we will explore all the classical Pilates exercises. You will be able to understand not only HOW to do the exercises but also WHY you are doing them. Lastly, you will have a full 1-hour workout at the end of every level.

You will also enjoy creating your own pilates mat workout thanks to the guidelines I will share with you at the end of the course.

It is exactly why this course is different than watching a Pilates workout video on the internet. While taking this course you are not just watching the instructor and repeating what he/she is doing but you will be learning the techniques of doing Pilates.  correctly.

What changes you can expect at the end of this course?

  • Improved posture,
  • More flexibility,
  • Core strength,
  • Mobility on your shoulders, hips, arms, legs, and spine
  • Become more body aware,
  • Performance increase in other sports you do,
  • Improved ability in your daily activities,
  • Avoid injuries (or less likely to have)
  • Increased self-confidence

Now everybody has a busy life and doesn’t take enough care of their bodies that they LIVE in. The pilates method taught in this course is a great investment in your body to age powerfully. Why? Because it helps you to have a stronger core which is a prerequisite to have a healthy life. True core strength comes from strengthening the tiny muscles in and around your spine and working outwards. Pilates helps you to strengthen all your body muscles equally that is essential to keep your body in great and strong shape.

1 Introduction and Course Overview

2 History of Pilates

3 Principles of Pilates

5 Body Position

6 Pelvic Stability

7 Neutral Position

8 Alignment

9 Breathing

10 Pre-Pilates

11 Beginner Lesson 1

12 Beginner Lesson 2

13 Beginner Lesson 3

14 Beginner Lesson 4

15 Beginner Lesson 5

16 Stretching

17 Beginner Full-Body Workout

18 Intermediate Lesson 1

19 Intermediate Lesson 2

20 Intermediate Lesson 3

21 Intermediate Lesson 4

22 Intermediate Lesson 5

23 Intermediate Full-Body Workout

24 Advanced Lesson 1

25 Advanced Lesson 2

26 Advanced Lesson 3

27 Advanced Lesson 4

28 Advanced Lesson 5

29 Advanced Lesson Full workout

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