Pilates Mat Teacher Training

by Tanya Thompson

Comprehensive Matwork Teacher Training  

(for General Interest & CPD)                                                                        


  • Introduction 
  • Starting my course 
  • Apprentice hours 
  • Practical Hours 
  • Observation Hours 
  • Practical Teaching 
  • Preparing for your exam 
  • Completing the course and how to receive your certificate 


A warm WELCOME to the Pilates Unlimited – The Art of Movement Mat Instructors Course. As you are settling into the starting blocks, I would like to assure you that you are at the right place, doing the right thing at exactly the right time. You are starting on a brand-new journey of discovering a new passion for movement, gaining knowledge of the body, Pilates repertoire and how the body acts and reacts while in movement, the do’s and don’ts of teaching and so much more. You have just taken the biggest leap into your future as a lover of movement; loving what you do even more and getting all the information and guidance to be the instructor who stands out in the crowd.                       

The Pilates Unlimited was established in 2002 and therefore the Pilates Unlimited Mat Course is based on years of experience. Our courses were developed and presented with a tremendous amount of effort and passion and therefore, you will not leave empty handed, empty brained or in the least bit empty hearted!


    Completing the course            

  • This course has 5 modules
  • Each module is made up of theory and practical work and each module consists of 5 – 6 videos
  • The first 3 videos of each module are always theory, so have your Theory Manual ready.

  • Each video is marked clearly in your Theory Manual, making it easy to follow

  • The final 2 – 3 videos of each module are where you will learn the Pilates Repertoire, so have your Practical Manual ready. Each video is marked clearly in your Practical Manual
  • Each video is between 35 minutes to 75 minutes long so please ensure that you have set time aside to watch a full video
  • You can do this course in your own time. Just ensure that you have a good internet connection
  • Make a note of where you stopped the last time, so that it is super easy to continue when you commence with the course again    
  • Please note this course will not be recognised by REPs UAE as an entry level Pilates Course, it is aimed as CPD only                




Pilates Mat Course Module 1.1

Pilates Course - Module 1.2

Mat Course - Module 1.3

Mat Course - Module 1.4

Mat Course - Module 1.5

Mat Course - Module 2.1

Mat Course Module 2.2

Mat Course - Module 2.3

Mat Course - Module 2.4

Mat Course - Module 2.5

Mat Course - Module 2.6

Mat Course - Module 3.2

Mat Course - Module 3.3

Mat Course - Module 3.4

Mat Course - Module 3.6

Mat Course - Module 3.5

Mat Course - Module 4.1

Mat Course - Module 4.2

Mat Course - Module 4.3

Mat Course - Module 4.4

Mat Course - Module 4.5

Mat Course - Module 5.1

Mat Course - Module 4.6

Mat Course - Module 5.3

Mat Course - Module 5.4

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Nov 30, 2023
Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)
All levels
$ 599.00