Kettlebell Complexes Made Simple

by Taco Fleur

If you love kettlebells but want to learn how to get more out that amazing piece of kit, then this is the course for you!

Learn 20 Legendary Kettlebell Complexes from Cavemantraining, that you can do with your kettlebell training covering;
- Strength
- Power
- Mobility
- Conditioning
- Fat Burning

Taught by one of the most experienced teachers in the fitness industry with a passion for Kettlebells, Taco Fleur will take you on a journey and expand your mind with the endless possibilities from kettlebells!

Enrol now and you will never look at a kettlebell the same after this course!

Kettlebell Complexes Preview

Enrol Now and learn each of these Kettlebell complexes for you to take with you and build better, more specific strength and endurance workouts!

1 KB Complex Tabletop

Row - Dead Clean - Squat - Table Top - Press

2 WBKC World's Best Kettlebell Combo

Squat - Thruster - Half Snatch

3 The Power Complex

Dead Clean - Squat - Alternating Shoulder Press - Half Snatch

4 Triple S - Thruster Buster

Dead Clean - Squat - Dead Clean - Thruster - Half Snatch

5 SealFit Curtis P Complex

Clean - Hang Clean - Racked Reverse Lunge - Push Press

6 MBG Complex

Dead Kettlebell Swing - Tricep Push Up Named after Mathew Brandon Garner from Cavemantraining

7 The Powerhouse Complex

Dead Swing - Snatch - Squat - Thruster - 5 Kettlebell Swings Explosive Fast Movement Complex

8 Kettlebell Burpee Deadlift

Burpee - Deadlift Great for working on Deadlift technique with the burpee offering a brief break in between each rep to ensure the Deadlift is from a dead weight position

9 Monster Combo

Dead Clean - Dead snatch - 1/2 Swing Snatch - Overhead Reverse Lunge - Repeat Opposite Side

10 UKC Ultimate Kettlebell Combo

Deadlift - Hang Clean - Clean - Swing - Snatch - Press

11 T Fleur Kettlebell Lift

Hip Hinge - Curl - Rack Position - Overhead Press with Rotation - Trunk Flexion

12 Strength Complex ASGARD

Dead Curl - Stand Up - Overhead Press - Drop - Bent Over Row - Dead - Plank - Renegade Row - Squat Deadlift

13 Kettlebell Complex Curtsy

Dead Clean - Front Rack - Curtsy Lunge - Overhead Press - Opposite Curtsy Lunge - O/H Press

14 Deadlift Renegade Row

Deadlift - Burpee - Renegade Row - Burpee - Deadlift

15 The Joker Complex

Dead Clean - Swing - Swing & Toss - Snatch - Rotation and Side Flexion - Dead Clean

16 Dead-Clean Squat Thruster

Double Kettlebell Dead Clean - Double Kettlebell Squat Thruster

17 Hang Clean Strict Press

Double Kettlebell Deadlift - Hang Clean - Strict Press

18 Mjölnir Complex

Alternate Squat Curls - Alternate Bent Over Row - Alternate Hang Cleans - Alternate Strict Press

19 Midgard Complex

Special Double Kettlebell Bonus Material

20 DSP SP Snatch

Double Kettlebell Dead Clean - Squat - Strict Press - Snatch - Dead Clean


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Taco Fleur

Taco Fleur

Taco Fleur, is a certified kettlebell trainer with over a decade of experience. He uses knowledge gained over more than a decade through research, creating online courses/certifications, authoring over ten books on Amazon, and qualification/certification like: 

Russian Girevoy Sport Institute Kettlebell Coach, Cavemantraining Certified, IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher, Kettlebell Sport Rank 2, HardstyleFit Kettlebell Level 1 Instructor., CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Judges Certificate, CrossFit Lesson Planning Certificate, Kettlebells Level 2 Trainer, Kettlebell Science and Application, MMA Fitness Level 2, MMA Conditioning Level 1, BJJ Purple Belt and more. 

Owner of Cavemantraining and Kettlebell Training Education. Featured in 4 issues of the Iron Man magazine.

Taco has several missions to complete in his life, and in no particular order are:

  • spread the word of kettlebell training
  • close the gap between CrossFit and kettlebell training
  • help people discover more kettlebell exercises
  • educate gyms and boxes on how to use kettlebell safely and effectively
  • help people improve their quality of life
  • promote proper exercise naming
  • decreasing the divide in the fitness industry
  • help people see that exercise is not black and white
  • promote bare foot running, walking, bare foot anything, your feet don't want to be squashed up inside a hot sweaty tight compartment all day long
  • promote that a cold bath is good for your health, mental toughness, ability to withstand sickness and more
  • help people understand that prescription drugs are in most, if not all, cases not needed, being in tune with ones body allows a much better healing, and gets to the cause, rather than just the effect