Getting Social Media Savvy
by Naomh McElhatton

In this lecture series, Naomh McElhatton, dives into getting your foothold on social media, understanding the basics and where to get started. 

For any fitness professional, yoga or pilates instructor eager to get a grasp on this ever evolving art of Social Media marketing this workshop is the perfect way to get your footing and increase exposure to your personal brand.

- How to use social media to grow your business

- Factors and people to consider when wanting to grow your business online

- What steps to take when creating a social media strategy

- Defining your goals

- Understand each social media platform

- Understand and define your customer persona

- Analyse and monitor how engaging your content is

- Promoting and integrating your content online

- How to utilise your customer database

- How to approach partnerships and affiliations

- How to use each individual social media platform & engagement tips for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube Twitter and Snapchat 

- What is an elevator pitch

- What is a Call to Action, it's importance and examples

- Tips on how to create a content calendar so you can keep structure and consistency to your social media marketing campaign

- Final Five top tips for creating you social media strategy

This workshop is a 19 part series delving into the following subjects.

Chapter 1: Social media savy-EP -1.mp4

Chapter 2: Social media savy-EP -2.mp4

Chapter 3: Social media savy-EP-3.mp4

Chapter 4: Social media savy-EP-4.mp4

Chapter 5: Social media savy-EP-5.mp4

Chapter 6: Social media savy-EP-6.mp4

Chapter 7: Social media savy-EP-7.mp4

Chapter 8: Social media savy-EP-8.mp4

Chapter 9: Social media savy-EP-9.mp4

Chapter 10: Social media savy-EP-10.mp4

Chapter 11: Social media savy-S2-EP-1-.mp4

Chapter 12: Social media savy-S2-EP-2-.mp4

Chapter 13: Social media savy-S2-EP-3.mp4

Chapter 14: Social media savy-S2-EP-5.mp4

Chapter 15: Social media savy-S2-EP-6.mp4

Chapter 16: Social media savy-S2-EP-7.mp4

Chapter 17: Social media savy-S2-EP-8.mp4

Chapter 18: Social media savy-S2-EP-9.mp4

Chapter 19: Social media savy-S2-EP-10.mp4

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Naomh McElhatton

Naomh McElhatton

With over fifteen years experience, Naomh helps her clients to define their digital vision and strategy. One of Northern Ireland’s Top 40 under 40 entrepreneurs in 2011 & 2014, Naomh has experience working with a diverse range of international clients 

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