Fundamentals of Coaching

by Jean-Claude Vacassin Nick Grantham

Learn how to be an integrated performance conditioning coach with the following six modules.

Understand what that means and the differences between entry level methodologies

Understanding the importance of developing a protocol that is logical and systematic and enables the student to develop into a well round integrated performance coach.

Module 1 - Integrated Performance Conditioning

Describe the five key concepts of integrated performance conditioning.                   

Describe the key components of an integrated performance conditioning programme.                   

Describe the fundamentals of integrated performance conditioning.                   

Describe the six cornerstones of physical preparation that underpin programme design and training adaptations.

Module 2 - Art and Science of Coaching

Describe the seven characteristics of an effective coach.

Understand and identify different client types, learning styles and non verbal cues and develop the ability to adapt coaching styles to impact positively on performance.

Describe different methods of providing feedback. 

Understand key processes to successfully deliver a training session. 

The ability to understand, recognise and adapt your coaching style to enhance training adherence.

Understanding and recognising challenges that are presented by clients.

Understanding what clients want from your coaching.

Describe the key elements to enhance training adherence.

Module 3 - Evaluation and Monitoring                                               

Understand benefits of completing an initial evaluation.

Understand the importance of gathering both subjective and objective information from the client.

Understand the criteria for test selection.

Develop the ability to critically evaluate the information gathered during the initial assessment.

Identify limiting factors within the assessment and identify corrective strategies.

Have an awareness of alternative approaches to gathering objective data and the role of ongoing monitoring.                                   

Module 4 - Programme Design Principles

Understand the major principles of performance planning and programming.

Apply principles to training programme design.

Have the capacity to modulate training variables to meet the demands of specific training phases.

Be able to plan and develop training plans that meet the specific needs of the client                  

Define and describe the acute training variables Develop integrated performance training programmes


Module 5 - Recovery and Regeneration                                                

Describe what recovery and regeneration is.

Describe the fundamental principles of recovery and regeneration.

Describe the different types of fatigue that can impact on training.

Develop an individualised recovery and regeneration programme.


Module 6 - Metabolic Conditioning - Energy System Training       

Describe what metabolic conditioning is and understand benefits metabolic conditioning as part of an integrated performance conditioning programme.

Describe how energy system training is used within an integrated programme to improve fitness.

Understand the fundamentals of bioenergetics.

Apply planning and programme design guidelines for optimal development of the appropriate energy systems.

Understand the importance of a range of training strategies and their impact on performance.

Develop integrated metabolic conditioning programmes.



The course consists of 24 lectures with a total viewing time of 5hrs and 5 minutes.

Fundamentals Introduction Preview.mp4

Module 1-1 - What is Integrated Performance Coaching (IPC)

Module 1-2 - The Cornerstones of IPC

Module 1-3 - IPC Blueprints for Success

Module 1-4 - Cornerstones of Physical Preparation

Module 2-1 - Characteristics of a Great Coach

Module 2-2 - Effective Coaching Strategies

Module 2-3 - Coaching Roadblocks

Module 2-4 - Understanding Your Coach

Module 3-1 - Effective Evaluation and Monitoring

Module 3-2 - Programming the Sat Nav

Module 3-3 - Subjective and Objective Evaluations

Module 3-4 - Ongoing Monitoring

Module 4-1 - Fundamental Principles

Module 4-2 - Programme Design Variables: Part 1

Module 4-3 - Programme Design Variables: Part 2

Module 4-4 - Periodisation

Module 5-1 - Invisible Training

Module 5-2 - Nutrition

Module 5-3 - Sleep

Module 5-4 - Body Management

Module 6-1 - Energy Systems 101

Module 6-2 - Peripheral Vs Central Adaptations

Module 6-3 - The Power of Nine

Module 6-4 - Reverse Periodisation

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