Essentials of Nutrition Science

by Dr Cliff Harvey

Essentials of Nutrition Science

Start your journey into nutrition practice.

In this course, you will learn the fundamental concepts of human nutrition, from the macronutrients, through the micronutrients, and related nutritional physiology. 

People often confuse "essential" with "necessary"  when it actually means we cannot create it within the body and therefore require it in the diet.

Why study nutrition science?

The dynamic nature of the study of nutrition may be in part because nutrition, as a discipline, is relatively young compared to many other research fields.

In order to interpret scientific findings, there needs to be an understanding of how the research was conducted and whether the analysis and reporting is accurate.

With this Online Course you will:

Learn the difference between Micronutrients & Macronutrients and how the pertain to supplying the body with the nourishment it needs for different physiological goals and objectives.

Learn in depth:
- Protein
- Carbohydrates
- Lipids/Fats
- Digestion
- Macronutrient Digestion
- MacronutrientUptake, Absorption & Transport
- Carbohydrate Metabolism
- Other Macronutrient Metabolism Pathways
- Vitamins & Minerals
- Vitamin E, C & Selenium
- One Crbon Metabolism
- Blood, Bones & Teeth
- Electrolytes

Module 1: Welcome to Nutrition Science

Learn Nutrition basics - What is a nutrient - Essential and non essential nutrients - What are Macronutrients - What are Micronutients - What are carbohydrates, proteins and fats - Nutrition Research - Placebo and Placebo Effect

Module 2: Carbohydrates

Module 3: Proteins

- Understanding Proteins and Protein structure. - Ammino Acids - Peptides - Protein Synthesis - Protein Structure - Protein Functions - Protein Quality - Protein and Energy Malnutrition

Module 4: Lipids/ Fats

- Introduction -How does Fat differ from Lipids - Properties of lipids - Lipids from a nutrition perspective

Module 5: Digestion

- Introduction to Digestion - The Digestive Journey - Enzymes involved in Digestion - Summary of Chemical digestion in the stomach - Digestion Hormones - Fate of Fibre - Prebiotic and Probiotic

Module 6: Macronutrient Digestion

- Macronutrient digestion in the mouth - Macronutrient digestion in the stomach - Carbohydrate digestion - Protein digestion - Lipid digestion - Protein Digestion in the small intestine - Triglyceride Digestion

Macronutrient Uptake, Absorption & Transport

- Introduction - Crypts of Lieberkuhn - Absorptive lineup and cell membranes -Cell membrane - Carbohydrate uptake and absorption - Protein uptake and absorption - Types of Call uptake/transport - The three forms of passive uptake - The two forms of passive uptake - Glycemic Responce - Blood sugar levels - Response following a meal - Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 - Glycemic Index - Glycemic Load - Cholesterol

Module: 8 Carbohydrate Metabolism

- Metabolism basics - Anabolic vs Catabolic - Oxidation vs Reduction - Cofactors - Carbohydrate Metabolism Pathways - The citric Acid Cycle - Energy Yield - Anaerobic Respiration

Module 9: Other Macronutrient Metabolism Pathways

- Lipolysis - Fatty Acid Oxidation - De Novo Lipogenesis - Ketogenesis -Cholesterol Synthesis

Module 10: Vitamins and Minerals

- Introduction - Vitamins - Vitamins as cofactors - Minerals - Functional Categories - Dietary Reference Intakes - Antioxidants - Minerals as Antioxidants

Module 11: Vitamin E, C and Selenium

- Vitamin E -Vitamin C - Selenium

Module 12: Micronutrient Metabolism

- Iodine - Manganese - Thiamin - Riboflavin (B2) - Niacin (B3) - Pantothenic Acid (B5) - Vitamin B6 - Biotin

Module 13: One carbon Metabolism

- Folate and Folic Acid - Vitamin B12

Module 14: Blood, Bones and Teeth

- Blood, Bones and Teeth Micronutrients - Vitamin D: Vitamin and Hormone - Calcium - Phosphorus - Fluoride

Module 15: Blood, Bones and Teeth part 2

- Vitamin K - Vitamin A - Iron

Module 16: Blood, Bones and Teeth Part 3

- Zinc -Copper

Module 17: Electrolytes

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Dr Cliff Harvey

Dr Cliff Harvey

Cliff Harvey is an Author, clinician, researcher and speaker. 

He is a leader in the field of Carb- Appropriate nutrition, mind body heath care, and the achievement of success in health and performance. 


  • PhD in nutrition (AUT) – research focus was in ketogenesis, ‘keto-flu’, and individualisation of diets
  • Over 20 years experience as a strength and nutrition coach
  • Registered Clinical Nutritionist
  • Qualified Naturopath (Dip.Nat – NCNZ)
  • Diploma in Fitness Training (AUT)
  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor (MKA)
  • IAWA Weightlifting World Champion 2004 & 2007
  • IAWA Weightlifting World Record Holder