Diastasis Recti Recovery

by Carolyne Anthony

The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery™


 The Center Method™ for Diastasis Recti Recovery program investigates the history, anatomy and epidemic of diastasis recti commonly known as a separation of the rectus abdominus muscles.

Utilizing breathwork, pelvic floor exercises and myofascial release techniques, this rehabilitative course equips you with the skills you need to release, realign and restore the core musculature.

The program offers a series of deep stabilizing exercises with progressions that will allow you to progress towards your regular exercise program, if that is your goal. The deep understanding of the working of your body will ensure the prevention of a recurrence of this condition.

Course objectives

To learn about what diastasis recti is, how it occurs and how to facilitate recovery.
To understand how to prevent it from occurring.
To understand the role of the pelvic floor and fascial connections
To understand the connection of the thorax to the pelvis when rehabilitating diastasis
To understand how to correctly perform exercises that have been traditionally contraindicated for this condition
To learn application of simple exercises to aid in the recovery of this condition.

Course outline

History of Diastasis Recti and the exercise boom
Anatomy of the anterior and posterior abdominal wall
Anatomy of the Thorax
Anatomy of the pelvic floor
Fascial connections through the pelvic floor and abdominals
Myofascial release techniques for healing diastasis recti
Breathing techniques
Understanding muscle connections using the breath
Simple exercises and progression for a lifetime of connection

Continuing Education Credits Available

REPS UAE - 8 CPD Points 

Diastasis Recti - Preview Lecture.mp4

Diastasis Recti - Module 1

Diastasis Recti - Module 2

Diastasis Recti - Module 3

Diastasis Recti - Module 4

Diastasis Recti - Module 5

Diastasis Recti - Preview Practical.mp4

Diastasis Recti - (Practical) Breathing Exercises

Diastasis Recti - (Practical) Supine Exercises

Diastasis Recti - (Practical) Quadruped Exercises

Diastasis Recti - (Practical) Sitting Exercises

Diastasis Recti - (Practical) Standing Exercises

Diastasis Recti - (Practical) Releases

Diastasis Recti - (Practical) Warm up

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Mar 08, 2022
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