Complete Guide to Aromatherapy for Healing

by Sunita Teckchand

This course is the complete guide to Aromatherapy for Healing.

It includes the following three courses

1. The Art of Blending Aromatherapy Oils 

2. Emotional Management with Aromatherapy Oils 

3. Pain Management with Aromatherapy Oils 


“Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all the years we have lived” Helen Keller 

Blending essential oils is fun and easy. When you control your own blends, you have the power to create things based on your health issues as well as your personal preferences for aromas. All essential oil have their own 'note'. Top notes are commonly citrus and floral. Middle notes are usually oils like jasmine, geranium or lavender. Base notes are the deeper woody plants such as cedarwood, sandalwood and vetiver. A perfect blend will constitute a top, a middle and a base note, though not always necessary. You can chose those based on aromas such as crispy, exotic or fruity or choose by aroma-therapeutic values. You have total control when you make your own blend. 

In the online course learn the art of blending aromatherapy oils and master the therapeutic benefits.


Aromatherapy is the ancient art with a fascinating history about the usage of these precious and highly concentrated plant extracts. The real fact about essential oils is that they seem to be in perfect harmony with us. Using essential oils are a natural and holistic approach towards mind, mood and emotion to restore health energy and balance to the body and its systems.

  • Essential oils are very volatile, hence the molecules can be easily inhaled, triggering the brain to evoke emotions.
  • The inhalation of these minute magical molecules, could help support both - the body and the mind.
  • The proper use of essential oils enhances the emotional outlook and provides support to balance the emotions through the day.

Emotions help us to connect with our inner self. Positive emotional reactions will enhance the quality of life whereas negative emotional reactions can impact health and well-being. Research has proved that there is a deep connection between memory, mood, emotion and thought. In this course learn how to use aromatherapy to restore health and energy to your mind, mood and emotional state.


Whether this course is for your own personal use or to help assist and advise others on techniques to naturally manage physical pain holistically then this course is for you. Learn how to manage pain utilizing the principles of aromatherapy in a natural and hollistic way.  Students will learn how to create formulations on 5 inflammatory disorders and understand how to support the person seeking help by understanding where to place the oils, how, when and how much. Know that there are many joint disorders and various forms of arthritis  Learn to support different types of pain and injuries.  Learn to identify the different types of pain.

  • What is an acute pain 
  • What is a chronic pain
  • What is a nociceptive pain
  • What is a Visceral pain
  • What is a Somatic Pain
  • What is a Neuropathic pain

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