The Business of Fitness

by Ben Coomber

A modular business course for you the coach to upskill in the areas of offline marketing, online marketing, client care, building a gym, social media, client retention, business management, networking, systemisation, public speaking, and more.

Each module includes a comprehensive recorded webinar and detailed notes.

As a coach or personal trainer it is no longer enough just to know about nutrition, training and lifestyle management, you need to know how to run your business, market your services, and improve the experience of your clients working with you.

Enrol now and get a deeper understanding of the areas you need to be thinking about when hoping to grow your business, expand your clientele, improve your brand awareness and build a sustainable business that offers you financial security and deep intrinsic reward!

Module 1- How BTN Built their Brand.mp4

Module 2: Conducting a Client Assessment

A client has contacted you and wants to be coached, so you have invited them for a consultation – now what? This module explains the consultation process in detail. How do we communicate with a client properly to strike up rapport and immediately start to build an effective professional relationship? What questions do we ask, how do we listen effectively, and how do we make sure that the client gives us all the information we need? A good consultation starts the coaching process in the best way possible, and develops a helpful coach/client relationship from the ground up – the skills learned in this module could make or break your business.

Module 3: Coaching

You’ve had a consultation with a client and they are on board. You’ve asked them the basic questions and they are in reasonable health, and its time to complete a screening or assessment…now what do you do? This module takes you through the assessment process which coach, Simon Herbert, uses with his clients in his successful Sheffield based gym, Pro Fitness Sheffield. Simon goes through the physical assessment process and what to look for, then shows you how to then build that into an effective training program including proper exercise regressions for maximal movement efficiency. This module will help you build a program around a client, rather than using standardised, cookie cutter routines. If a client cannot squat and you have only bars and a rack to work with – what do you do?

Module 4: Online Assessment

Building upon the Practical Academy content, this module explains fully how to take an online client from their initial enquiry to their goal. How do we book an online consultation, and what ground work do we do before that? What do we need from the consultation and how do we build everything we have learned into a plan? This is a highly interactive module call with live examples to help you understand and appreciate the process as it happens – it is designed to give you the best chances of taking a client on and getting them the results which they deserve when coaching online.

Module 5: Client Relationships

Coaching isn’t just about knowing nutrition and programming. It requires expert people skills and an ability to build rapport very quickly with people who view you as an authority figure. In this module we show you how to create an environment of trust, understanding and friendship which is long lasting, but with the boundaries which are appropriate for this kind of professional relationship. We give you tips and skills needed to create and maintain accountability, and show you how gifts and incentives can be used to increase retention and referrals. Finally, we will talk money – how do you set a price and, when the time comes, how do you raise it?

Module 6: Motivational Interviewing

Module 7: Get in a client's head

Why does a client behave like they do? Every action has a reaction, but every action also has a reason. Almost everything a person does is, at the basic level, done in order to make that person’s world better in some way, and by understanding that motivation we are able to relate to, and communicate with, a client on a much more meaningful and effective level. Know why someone is doing something, and you are much better placed to help them do it differently. This module will help you learn just that, a module perfectly combined with motivational interviewing.

Module 8: Word of mouth marketing

When it comes to adherence, the key thing for a client is to make them feel part of a process, and ensure they enjoy their time with you. This module teaches you how to get clients raving about you and wanting to bring more people to your doorstep. We show you the methods we use to create a community of clients who talk to and support each other, which improves client results, client retention and promotes a ‘buzz’ around everything that you do. Remember – a client who loves your service doesn’t wake up and think ‘I want to get him/her some more clients’, but a client who is part of a fun, interactive community will want to brag about it to their friends, and that’s what builds a successfully business without spending money on marketing.

Module 9: Business 101

To work as a coach, you need to register your business, and this call tells you how to do just that. We explain how to register as self-employed and what this means for your taxes, and where to learn more if needed. We go through applying for insurance which is relevant to the sector and explain the limitations of that insurance to ensure that you are always legally protected. We then work with you to create your mission statement and develop a clear direction for your work. Without fundamental skills like those which you will learn in this module, it’s very difficult to get yourself off the ground. During this module you will also be asked to start a reflective journal. An informative, grounding call for business owners, or potential business owners.

Module 10 Business 102

Once you have your business aims, your mission statement and your values in line, how do you start to make a difference in the world? First of all, you need to create an avatar, or potentially various different ones for different aspects of your business. This module takes you through the thought process involved with creating a robust avatar which you can work with as a result of your mission statement. Once you have your avatar, you can start to mold your message to suit – which systems do you need? Do you need a website? Should you use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, all of them or none? Do you need a booking system? What about something to track client check ins? Finally, how do you balance this all with your revenue stream to make sure you maximise your profitability from day one? This module will cover all of this and more to give you serious clarity on moving forward with your business.

Module 11: Systemisation

When your business grows to the point that it is making you a reasonable income, it becomes important to have robust, easy to follow and effective systems in place to ensure that your time is spent efficiently. Time is money, as the saying goes, and systems are time. This module teaches you to streamline your activities to get the most money from your minutes, freeing up the rest of your time to have an improved work:life balance, but also to develop your skills as a coach and improve client results, rather than living for vast amounts of daily admin. You’re in this to coach, not to sit at a desk and look for payments or manage client documents, so here we teach you how to minimise those tasks to focus on what is really important in your business.

Module 12: Online Coaching

1:1 coaching is the bread and butter of the coaching industry, and most of us would rather have 1:1 clients than anything else, but we need to be realistic. Group coaching provides the dual benefit of being more affordable for the consumer and therefore increasing the audience which you are able to help, but also increasing your income per unit of time. This can be difficult to do online, however. Module 12 explains how to set up, format and run an online group coaching service, from marketing to day to day management. We then show you how we ensure results are maximised and adherence and engagement is second to none. Group coaching shouldn’t mean that clients get a poor service, and this call makes sure you’re able to live up to that.

Module 13: How to Build a Brand - 10 years of Lessons

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 10 years, and I’ve been building my online brand and business’s for 6 years, and I’d like to think I’ve done a solid job…. I am by no means a business Jedi, but for me business is straight forward, and business is life. If you are self-employed, or a business owner or employed, knowing business is essential in your career progression. Business has become a dirty word, and it isn’t, business connects the world, and we spend at least a 3rd of our lives living and breathing it, aka our work life. I’m an entrepreneur at heart, I love to create things that benefit the world and other people, and my medium is the world of health and fitness. I’ve worked hard at what I have, and will continue to work hard to build it more.

Module 14: Creating Social Media Content

Module 15: Facebook and Instagram Marketing

How do we create the perfect Facebook post? What time should we post on Facebook? Should we use pictures, do videos, or just do text based posts? In this Facebook mastery module you will learn the perfect way to manage and market on Facebook to leverage your brand and get more traction in your business, and ultimately clients. We will also discuss paid Facebook marketing and the basics of putting money behind your posts. We also turn our attention to Instagram. How do you become an expert in the fastest growing social media platform there is? What tips and tricks can you use to grow your Instagram following as quickly as possible?

Module 16: Twitter Marketing

Module 17: Paid Marketing

Module 18: Email and Website Building

Module 19 - Online Marketing - The Strategy

Module 20 - Building a Brand on the Gym Floor

Module 21 - Closing Sales and Objections

Module 22 - Offline Marketing

Module 23 - Creating a Gym

Module 24: Public Speaking

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