Level 3 Diabetes Training

by Sheri Colberg

This advanced course gives you and fitness professionals the summit of knowledge on working with clients with any type of diabetes or with prediabetes. 

It covers the final topics related to diabetes and prediabetes, including gestational diabetes and other concerns related to working with female clients.

There is more information about the types of insulin people with type 1 diabetes use (and well as many with type 2 and gestational diabetes) and how to help dedicated athletes troubleshoot their performance issues. 

Finally, CPTs will learn more about the best technologies to use to train clients with diabetes and prediabetes. 

Trainers at this level will be in demand by clients with diabetes.

Lv 3 S1/S2 Diabetes Introduction and Overview

- Key Terms - Diabetes Basics: Gestational Diabetes

Lv 3 S3 Motion Overview

- Body Fat and Reversal of Insulin Resistance - Lose Weight through Motion - Keep the Weight Off

Lv 3 S4 Diabetes Motion Training

- Maximize Muscle for Optimal Health - Keep Muscle when Dieting - Rev Up Insulin Action and Health - Do Balance Training

Lv 3 S5 Diabetes Motion Basics

- Injected (Non-Insulin) Medications - Insulin Use - Insulin and Exercise Interactions - Food Intake for Motion and Health - Supplement Use

Lv 3 S6 Diabetes Motion Specifics

- Meters and Continuous Monitors - More Motion Factors - Adjust Food Intake for Exercise - Adjust Medications and Insulin for Exercise - Deal with and Prevent Hypoglycemia - Motion Troubleshooting Tips

Lv 3 S7 Special Considerations

- Health Complications - Females with Diabetes - Athletes and Performance

Lv 3 S8 Motion Motivation

- Use Technology to Promote Adherence - Get Emotionally Fit through Motion - Level 3 Diabetes Training Program Wrap-Up

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Nov 30, 2023
All levels
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