Level 1 Diabetes Training

by Sheri Colberg

This foundational course gives fitness professionals a greater knowledge and understanding of how to work with clients with diabetes or prediabetes, who may have health complications that must be managed for them to train safely and effectively. The Level 1 program allows trainers to master the basics about being physically active with diabetes or prediabetes, including types of training that are appropriate and critical, injury prevention, blood glucose monitoring, medication basics (and exercise effects), complications, exercise motivation, and more. CPTs need this information to work with these clients, which is one in three Americans currently.

Course Overview 

  • Diabetes overview: key terms, diabetes and prediabetes basics, when to get a checkup first
  • Motion overview: fitness basics, physiology basics, hormonal responses, exercise energy systems
  • Diabetes motion training: cardio, resistance, flexibility, core, and balance training basics
  • Diabetes motion basics: blood glucose monitoring, oral medications, injected (non-insulin) meds, medication exercise effects, effects of food, supplements (amino acids, and creatine), injuries
  • Diabetes motion specifics: meters and continuous monitors, normal responses, how motion factors affect blood glucose, adjusting exercise food intake, adjusting meds and  insulin for exercise, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia
  • Special considerations: health complications overview, overweight or obese clients, older clients
  • Motion motivation: why people stop exercising, motivational interviewing, overcoming exercise barriers (quiz), effective goal setting

Lv 1 Diabetes Introduction

Understanding the key terms associated with diabetes

Lv 1 S2 Introduction & Overview

- Key Terms - Types of Diabetes (and Prediabetes) - Diagnosis of Diabetes or Prediabetes - When to Get a Checkup

Lv 1 S3 Motion Overview

- Physical Activity, Exercise, and Fitness Physiology Basics - Hormonal Motion Responses - Exercise Energy Systems

Lv 1 S4 Diabetes Motion Training

- Cardio (Aerobic) Training - Resistance (Strength) Training Flexibility Training - Core Training - Balance Training - More Daily Motion

Lv 1 S5 Diabetes Exercise & Motion Basics

- Self-Monitor Blood Glucose - Oral Diabetes Medications - Injected (Non-Insulin) Medications - Oral and Injected Medication Exercise Effects Insulin Use and Exercise Effects - Effects of Food on Motion Supplement Use - Manage and Prevent Injuries

Lv 1 S6 Diabetes Motion Specifics

- Meters and continuous monitors - Normal responses - Factors that affect blood glucose - Adjusting exercise food intake - Adjusting meds and insulin for exercise - Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia

Lv 1 S7 Special Considerations

- Health complications overview - Overweight or obese clients - Older clients

Lv 1 S8 Motivation & Specific Clients

Motion Motivation - Why Do People Stop Exercising? - Use Motivational Interviewing - Overcome Barriers to Motion - Be Effective with Goal Setting - Overview Program Wrap-Up

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Aug 23, 2023
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